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Backyard Sports Wiki . Welcome to Backyard Sports Wiki! This is a working in process all information of the childhood video game franchise, Backyard Sports. The games were started in 1997 and continued to be made today for the younger generation. The gaming franchise was formally owned by Humongous Entertainment and

Backyard Sports. Backyard Sports (originally branded as Junior Sports) is a series of video games released for consoles and computers. The series is best known for starring kid-sized versions of popular professional sports stars, such as Albert Pujols, Paul Pierce, Barry Bonds, Tim Duncan, Clint Mathis, Kevin Garnett, Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Joe Thornton and Andy Macdonald.

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List Of Backyard Sports Characters. This page lists all of the Backyard Sports characters. Fictional characters are only shown. Contents[show] Commentators Lists the games broadcasters and color commentators. Sunny Day Appears as the commentator in all Backyard Sports games up until 2009. She speaks with the voice of a

Backyard Football. Backyard Football is a series of video games for various systems. The series was developed by Humongous Entertainment and published by Atari.It is one of several sub-series in the Backyard Sports series, and is the first to feature professional players as kids, examples being Steve Young and Barry Sanders.The series currently has eleven titles. Backyard Football attempts to recreate the

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Backyard Sports Fanon Wikia. This is the backyard sports fanon wiki! This is where all the fan stuff for the backyard sports computer/console games happens. We here are now a branch of the backyard sports wiki, and any fan content will go here. That is, fan content for backyard sports.

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